Kick Fit

Kick Fit grew out of our need for a truly remarkable strength and conditioning program for our High Altitude’s fighters. The exercises in Kick Fit are proven exercises that are currently used by elite fighters around the world. At High Altitude Martial Arts, we have made these exercises available to our own fighters, and also for any person that is looking for a great way to get into shape, without the monotony of a boring workout. Traditional boxing, kickboxing and conditioning drills are all used as part of this workout plan.

By adding Kick Fit into your workout regimen, you will also generate more power with your striking technique and increase your fast twitch muscle fibers that are used in your training. Due to the power earned in your striking through Kick Fit, you will be able to focus more on technique in your kickboxing and Muay Thai classes. In Kick Fit, you can expect to utilize focus mitts, Thai pads, boxing gloves, bags, and kick shields as part of your partnered workout.