Join Us for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt Promotion!

Where: Easton Training Center – Denver
1304 S Santa Fe Dr.

When: Monday December 11
7:00 PM Randori
7:45 PM Belt Promotion

Who: View the list of promotions below.

Invite your family and friends!

Facebook Event


  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes will be canceled at all academies the night of Monday 12/11 to allow everyone to attend the promotion.


  • At Easton Training Center – Denver, all classes after 6:00 PM will be canceled on Monday 12/11.


  • This is a great chance for all of us to get together and celebrate our progress and achievements! Hope to see you there!

Ninja Night!


We Are Hiring!

Front Desk Sales Representative

We are looking for a pleasant Front Desk Sales Representative. You will be the “face” of the gym for all visitors and will be responsible for the first impression we make.

The ideal candidate will have a friendly and easy going personality while also being very perceptive and disciplined. You should be able to deal with complaints and give accurate information. A customer-oriented approach is essential. You should be able to convert leads into sales and be a forward thinker.

This is a part time position with flexible morning and evening shifts. The pay is hourly plus commission. You will also receive a full membership to the gym, as you will need to be familiar with the programs you are selling. Start ASAP with paid training.

-Answer phones
-Greet members
-Give potential members tours and run down of facility/programs
-Contact and convert leads via phone and email
-Engage and interact with clients professionally and courteously
-Open/Closing responsibilities
-Ability to work periodic special events that can include nights and weekends (paid)

– Excellent customer service skills and communication
– Excellent sales techniques and comfortable closing sales
– Basic computer skills, including typing
– Driven

– Some college education
– Knowledge of social media platforms

Please email your resume to   Please, no calls.

Summer BBQ!

Gym Closure…Please Read!

Construction Update

Gym Closure

Please visit the Easton website and jump into their classes while we work to bring you a new and improved HAMA!  Thank you!

Trivia With Professor Chaun Sims!

Answer the question correctly and enter to win a free 30 minute private lesson with Professor Sims.

What is the fastest way to go 100 MPH?  Hint:  I have stated the answer in one of my classes recently.

Trivia With Professor Chaun Sims

Why Everyone Should Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Why Everyone Should Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

-Anonymous Student

After living in California for most my life, I packed up and decided to move to Aurora, Colorado.  I had visited Boulder with my friends and fell in love with the scenery and mountain air.  I found a nursing job in Aurora and to pass the time on my days off,  I stumbled upon a martial arts academy and decided to jump into a BJJ intro class.  I immediately fell in love with it!  The people were great and I felt like I was a human puzzle piece in a giant jigsaw puzzle.  I became addicted and couldn’t wait to learn more.  I progressed quickly and was beaming every time I mastered a move.  I left everyday with a giant smile on my face and I felt so proud when I would get promoted with stripes.  I met a wonderful group of people who shared the same passion.  They gym became my family.

I learned my most important lesson outside of the gym and truly believe it saved my life.  One of the gals at the hospital insisted I go on a date with her a friend of her friend so I obliged.  I parked my car at his place and he drove to the restaurant.  Things went ok so we decided to share an Uber back to his place and he invited me in for a drink.  That’s when things took a turn for the worse.  He started making sexist comments and I could tell the liquor was taking over.  I tried to leave and he pushed me down on the couch.  We hand fought for a couple seconds.  I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and tried to remain clam to allow me make the best decisions.   I was able to get my legs around him, put him in a triangle choke and he went to sleep.  I ran out of the apartment and thanked the stars above that I was able to get away.  That is why everyone should learn to protect themselves in the unfortunate event that you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

BJJ is not biased.  It does not favor sex or size.  The mat is an open playing field and fair game.  Happy training!

A Great Weekend for the High Altitude MA Family!

Thank you to all those who supported Professor Chaun Sims and Coach Robin Solsbery at the F2W Pro 4 event; it was an exciting night, showcasing the best of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Robin battled a tough opponent and with ten seconds left, submitted him with a d’arce choke.  This earned him the win and teen submission of the night bonus.  Processor Chaun took home a win via leg lock and also submission of the night bonus in the black belt division!  Coach Bojan Velickovic made his UFC debut in Croatia on Sunday and after 3 rounds of action, won via unanimous decision.  Please take a minute to congratulate Professor Chaun, Robin, and Bojan on a job well done by all!

Next up, we have Coach Cory Sandhagen vs. Dalton Goddard as the main event for Paramount MMA 2016 on Friday, April 15tparamounth.  Doors open at 6:30pm and tickets are still available online or at the front desk.  Cory’s after party will be at The Robusto Room at 8pm on April 16th.  Gerald Scott is also on the card, fighting Jorge Sanchez.








On Sunday, April 17th at 2pm, HAMA has several students competing in the annual Muay Thai tournament.  We took 1st place last year so please come support your teammates and cheer them on as they try to take it home again!  Best of luck to:

Wilson Sojo Jr

Emma Sojo

Liam Smith

Michael Boyle Jrmuay thai

Sebastian Alcantar

Damian Alcantar

Jake Gonzales

Ilias El Kasri

Houssam El Kasri

Noufel El Kasri

Tlmy Tesfai

Daniel Aggrey