Why Study Muay Thai Kickboxing?

At High Altitude Martial Arts/ETC Aurora, kickboxing is more than just your average fitness class.

We focus on teaching our students a balanced mix of Muay Thai, western boxing, and Dutch K-1. In our kickboxing classes, students will not only get a great cardio workout, but they will also be mastering striking skills such as stance, footwork, timing, and hand combinations. Then they will eventually add kicks and knees to create more complex combinations.  

Classes consist of demonstration, followed by a period of supervised partner work where they will drill what they learned. During this practice time, the instructor coaches; offering feedback, corrections, and movement improvements. This type of training is known as “Holland Drills”. Instead of spending an entire class striking a heavy bag, our students partner up and take turns practicing combinations. This is a safe and much more effective way to learn and master kickboxing. Our kickboxing instructors are experienced fighters and have competed at top levels all over the world.